Future - Valde Haylofts


The Valde team has the core belief that to live well, one must tend both past and present to prepare for the future. A life lived well is guided by a respect and celebration of what we have been given by those who have gone before us. We continually explore remote areas to salvage historic properties. We are grateful for the opportunity to preserve a rare Walser house above San Giacomo Filippo. The Walser people left the Swiss Valais region in the 12th century to settle in eastern Switzerland and northern Italy. Only 50 Walser houses remain in Italy, and the house pictured here is an excellent example of how the Walser lived. It was inhabited until the mid 20th century, at which point it was abandoned.


We intend to create a mini museum, dedicating it to the community for future generations to respect and celebrate their past. We invite guests to view the restoration.